Share Transfer Agreement Gift

1.1 The assignor transfers all shares to the purchaser in absolute terms, taking into account the amount mentioned in point 2. Companies Act, 2013 states that if the share transfer form is delivered to the Commission, it must be properly stamped and dated with reasonable value and cancelled and cancelled pursuant to Section12 of the Indian Stamp Act. As a general rule, the purchaser is responsible for paying stamp duty. Where the deed of assignment has been lost or the deed of transfer has not been delivered within the prescribed time frame, the company may register the transfer on terms that the Commission deems appropriate. In addition, the sender must ensure that an account is opened with the broker who receives before the transfer is completed. In accordance with the provisions of Section 1 of Section 56 of the Companies Act 2013, a company may not register any transfer of securities from the company or the participation of a member of the company if a company does not have equity capital, with a value other than the transfer between persons whose names are both registered as holders of an economic share of a custodian`s records. unless a proper transmission instrument, duly stamped, dated and exported by or for the assignee and the assignor, if it exists, and indicating the name, address and profession of the assignee, if it exists, has been served on the purchaser or purchaser within sixty days from the date of execution by the assignor. , at the same time as the securities certificate, or if there is no certificate, as well as the letter of awarding securities: on each purchase of individual shares, please note that the company could also charge a fee as well as the design and shipping costs. If more than one class of shares is transferred, a separate relocation form should be completed for each class. In accordance with the provision of Section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 “gift” is defined as – “gift” the transfer of certain existing real estate or property is voluntary and without consideration, from one person called the donor, to another, called the fact, and accepted by or in the name of the deceased. We work with employers who provide actions to employees and managers as gifts.