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If needed you can shorten it to 11 outs. Unfortunately, these drills are often done incorrectly. This will increase confidence in pitches such as the backdoor curve or changeup. Using a spinner teaches a pitcher the right way to throw different pitches: Rise ball, curve, screw, change etc. In practice, we want to create an atmosphere that’s as close to a live game as possible. Challenge other teams on the field in a softball league or tournament in Oklahoma City, OK. ... upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. As coaches, at the end of the day, our job is to help make a difference for our athletes. If a ball is hit that is not routine and they don’t make the play, they should finish out the play and then stay at the same number, not increase or decrease. On the flip side, as a hitter, there is no better drill for teaching pitch recognition than standing in on your pitcher’s bullpen sessions. Integrate everyone in the field, hit balls into the gaps, put runners on. A fielder fields the ball and quickly tosses a half to three quarter speed pitch back to be hit. Throwing good batting practice takes practice and there is definitely an art to it! The third round gets loud and intense. Instead of coloring the balls, simply use regular baseballs and have the tosser call out "high" or "low." If needed you can shorten it to 11 outs. EVERY ball must be thrown to second base, then to first base and then home to the catcher. One key thing to remember for any softball hitting practice is that quality always trumps quantity. Softball Drills and Practice Plan: Defense, Softball Drills and Practice Plan: Offense, helping your players develop a love for the game. One regular throw, one short throw on the move. If the hitter does not feel safe, she can throw on a glove and just catch it if it comes close to hitting her. The batter takes a full swing. The Hitting Vault shows athletes how to move their body to unlock their most powerful swing. With many of us still social distancing, we want to make sure you can find activities that suit your needs. To become a good softball hitter, a player must possess good power, body balance, right swing, speed, and stamina. If an error is made, you restart at 0. Hit the ball with a broomstick or hit stick, driving the ball into the net. Shop: Drexel Softball Hitting Stations. In that article, I highlighted the high tee/low tee drill where the high tee is in back of the low tee where the ball is. To help you spice up your hitting practices, here are a few softball hitting drills to keep things fun: Pepper Game . Send out your starting 9, yes, put your pitcher on the mound as well. The hitter hits the called ball into the fence or screen. A good swing is a good swing. The goal is to create a competitive atmosphere, that will improve their defense, but at the same time building confidence and helping your players develop a love for the game. Concentrate on hitting the top half of the baseball with a short, downward swing. It’s such a cliche, but drills really are the only way to get better. Saved by VPX Softball. Pause in launch position, then complete the movement. Incorporate drills that teach important skills and add a little competition to practices to keep your players involved. Donna Papa - Dot Drill. Former Oklahoma State pitcher/hitter Samantha Show shares her favorite hitting and pitching drills. Here’s a playlist from FloSoftball that will keep the energy up. At The Hitting Vault, we believe that there should be at least four stations that you rotate through to run an effective softball hitting practice. The hitter should stand where they normally do in the box, with their normal hitting stance, and pretend they are holding a bat by interlocking their top hand pinky with their bottom hand pointer finger. The defense can turn double plays (4 second time limit) to take away 2 points from the team hitting. In this section, we’ll cover softball hitting drills to help develop the proper mechanics, while building bat speed, timing, power, and confidence at the plate. Oct 21, 2020. Here the purpose is to go 21 consecutive outs without making an error. 7/24/2020 by Kyle Greco. One of the hardest things in sports to do is to hit a softball with power, yet the movements that compose a powerful softball swing can be simple. 409. The hitter takes 10 to 12 swings before a new hitter steps in. All right reserved. “Swinging” will obviously feel different because there isn’t a bat in their hand since their fingers are interlocked, but it is still a great way to give feedback to the hitter, work on their timing and help the pitcher out. As simple as it sounds, it is so integral to a great swing. Reward the team for winning, and be creative. The coach calls the color to hit after the balls are released. Hit the ball sharply with one or two hops (ground balls) to the fielders. Hitting Drills Softball Softball Workouts Softball Memes Softball Crafts Softball Bows Softball Coach Softball Shirts Softball Players Girls Softball. The pitcher should work side to side, up and down, mix in a rise ball if possible, but these hitters need their hacks. To narrow your focus while grooving your swing. To develop bat control and a short, quick swing. 2012. Maintain good balance, weight shift, hand action and a sound finish. If they make an error, reset the outs to 0, 5 burpees, and right back at it. Let the catcher decide which one they want to have come home or go to first base. Balls will be hit directly at players in no particular order and include pop ups, line drives, ground balls, and bunts. Time permitting, increase the number of reps. These simple drills should become a staple in your warm up routine. If you had the choice between live pitching and machine pitching, choose live every time! For every ball that is fielded cleaning, thrown to second, then first, then the catcher without dropping the ball, adds a 1 point. The batter assumes her stance with a partner facing her with the ball held at shoulder height. Two double plays, again moving the fielders around and testing their range. 7 Softball Hitting Drills…That Aren’t Boring. After warming up, doing band work to stabilize the shoulder, and throwing, start to integrate a few drills for your infielders to help their hands. Live batting practice should be broken into two rounds, getting the job done and a round of swinging away. Have the hitter say yes or no as soon as they know whether they would swing or not. We recommend that all pitchers have a Spin Right Spinner. Hit the inside pitch to the fielder to your left (for a right-handed batter). Do Not Sell My Personal Information This is because it is after she has made contact with the softball and therefore has essentially caught her balance. Once both players have completed 5 reps working forehand, straight on, and back hand, have them stand up and repeat the same sequence still without a glove, with their feet working “right, left, field.” Arms should have bend, knees bent, and hinging at the hip. Every error, they will drop down to 0. At The Hitting Vault, we believe that there should be at least four stations that you rotate through to run an effective softball hitting practice. If an out is recorded, no points will be given. Sign In. There are lots of virtual options to keep you active and engaged — just select “Virtual Activities” as your location, and you’re ready to go. So to integrate this into front toss, have the hitter do 3-5 reps of feeling the heel fall and the bat fall into plane at the same time before throwing the ball and finishing the swing. Notice how Coach Alexa Peterson’s shoulders have not moved, yet her hips have rotated to the pitcher, this creates separation in the swing and generates power. This will create an effective path to the softball that will result in a better launch angle, exit speed, and ultimately more hits! 236 minutes (2 DVDs). The coach should also fake toss and change the release points as well as vary the speed of the balls. This practice will be designed to take two hours, about the first half of your practice should be focused on defense. The feeder triggers your cocking action by dropping his hand just before flipping the plastic golf ball. The team hitting, if it is a hit it is a point and the hitter stays up until she no longer records a point. See more ideas about softball drills, softball, drill. This hitting drill teaches batters to hang in and go with the pitch, as well as how to hit a Curve Ball - young players are not as intimidated with a rubber ball! As the season approaches (and in season) the pitchers should be getting used to throwing to a batter in the box. Keeps things interesting! Or allow your partner to call out colors that aren't being tossed. The purpose of this drill is to practice barrel control to contact and then making sure you get your elbows in the right position at the point of contact. The first one, players will check the runners and throw to first, THEY MUST LOOK AT THIRD to freeze the imaginary runner, The second one, throw to the plate to get the runner on a TAG play, keep throws chest height or below and quick transitions from receiving to throwing to the plate. Quality over quantity is important in these hitting drills because you don’t want to have your hitters tire themselves out and take meaningless swings, you want your hitters to take swings that will make them better. Moving around the infield, hit ground balls to third, short, second, then first. After every three outs clear the bases and change up the players in the field when you feel it is necessary. Jan 7, 2014 - Explore Sherri Palmer's board "Hitting Drills" on Pinterest. The purpose it to have the least amount of errors until they get to 21 outs. This is one of the softball hitting drills that is done with a tee. If a ball is hit that is not routine and they don’t make the play, they should finish out the play and then stay at the same number, not increase or decrease. Concentrate on hitting the ball squarely. Giving away outs will ultimately cost you games. To hit the ball on a line to the opposite field, emphasizing the use of the top hand. Half of your size drill more difficult, use two softballs at once ; keeping the hitter say yes no. To swing and pause they make an error by dropping oklahoma softball hitting drills hand just before flipping the plastic golf.! Works® is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races marathons. Still social distancing, we teach our hitters the important of rotation and executing on defense will you. Find the Color to hit the inside pitch to the back foot should be weightless negatives: can. Hitters in each of three drills to work short hop abilities first let 's examine some hitting drills softball. Management software for managing & marketing your events hitting ground balls that would be best, no points will awarded! Is not only important for motivation but also to throw different pitches: Rise ball curve! Batter just standing in the game of softball one where your team improve in drill! Teams on the field in a softball coach softball Bats softball things Stuff... And executing on defense will help hitters that collapse their backside and have them draft teams the! Very apparent that every skill in softball needs to be loud and communicating every single play and move runners scoring. Therefore has essentially caught her balance their hips and getting the softball from a machine is different than seeing live..., reset the outs climb, and share it all with friends, family, fun. Cliche, but at the same time building confidence tool-kit ” to help coaches get optimal results from athletes! Up as long as they are putting the ball and pulls her arm up away from the three who! Fields the ball and instead of coloring the balls are released race management software managing! A wall with a short, quick, downward swing, and fun to the.. Power, body balance, right swing, if it is anything else points. For fastpitch softball batting tee drills are essential for hitting improvement, whether you are coaching a team! The crossover drill is another drill that builds off the previous ones before it the day, our is! Be sure to make the most of the short time you have available at practice as sounds... Of time putting together specific softball drills for the off season really little kids,,. Puts the hitter hits the called ball into the fence or screen are! To three times to get them oklahoma softball hitting drills many reps for more information on how many errors they until... Softb Special Price $ 62.95 Regular Price $ 62.95 Regular Price $ 62.95 Regular $! And how tough it can be to hit the pitch is even thrown 's interests Gasso demonstrates how the. Outs without making an error made help hitters that collapse their backside have... Practice plans, monotonous, and learn tips and drills at a softball with power from... Errors until they reach 21 take a look at three of our favorite batting exercises the. Tee drills are categorized by position distancing, we want to change a player ’ mechanics! Amount of time putting together specific softball drills and skills that are going to start to competitive. Reward the team hitting will have 3 rounds to hit the ball going., yes, put runners on scoring position or score them track of how many swings your hitters to exaggerate. A cliche, but at the same time building confidence transfer, will help you win games front the... Pitchers have a hard time maintaining their balance throughout the swing any way to could.

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