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You can use granny squares to make crochet blankets, scarves, bags, tops, cardigans and a variety of other easy crochet patterns. You can find the instructions for this pattern in both UK and US terms on her website here. If you’ve caught the granny square bug, here’s a few more free granny square patterns for you to try! With Yarn A, ch8, join with a ss into a ring. Blanket Sizes using 6" Granny Squares . We hope you’ve found a new square to crochet! How do you crochet a pentagon granny square? I like this method because I think it hides the join and ch 3 the best . This week I am “Keeping it Simple Sweetheart’ with the basic granny square pattern. Ch1 (does not count as st), dc evenly around with 1dc in each st and 2dc in each ch-2 sp, fasten off. You can make a basic granny square using any type of yarn or hook size, but we’d recommend a cotton Dk yarn and a 4mm hook. [30 sts, 1 ch-2 sp], Row 11 Ch3, tr in each st to ch-2 sp, (2tr, ch2, 2tr) in ch-sp, tr in each st to end, turn. Because of this we’ve left our squares unblocked in each picture so you’ll have a better idea of what yours will look like before blocking. Round 2 Join Yarn B in any ch-3 sp with a ss. This method is quick and easy, but will give you a more pronounced hole in the center of your square. 1 ball of each:Yarn A Saffron (249)Yarn B Chocolate (507)Yarn C Lemonade (403)Yarn D Linen (505)A 3mm (US C/2 or D/3) hook. What is a Cricut Machine, and What Can it Do? Round 4 Join Yarn D in any corner ch-2 sp with a ss. This granny square pattern is a variation on the classic crochet granny square.It uses the same first two rounds as a basic granny square, and then you finish it with two more rounds of single crochet stitches. In each of the next two ch1sp, work: 3dc, 1 ch. Daisy granny squares are super popular so we had to include a free pattern for Granny Square Day 2020. Rows 3-36 Cont working each row as Row 2, following Chart for the colour changes. Yarn A Light GreenYarn B Bright PinkYarn C PinkYarn D Navy. You can find the whole pattern on her blog here, as well as accompanying Youtube video’s for each part where Sandra takes you through each step! Granny squares can be worked using one solid color, or a different color for each round — which is a great way to use up smaller scraps of yarn. Basic Granny Square crochet pattern. Learn how to crochet a granny square below. You end up with a four-round square that's a bit smaller than a classic four-round granny square. Round 1 (RS) Ch3 (counts as a tr throughout), 2tr into loop, ch2, (3tr in loop, ch2) 3 times, ss to top of beg ch-3. SAVE up to 78% on US shop price and pay in $$! Repeat from * three times. Puff, Bobble, & Popcorn Crochet Stitches: What's the Difference? Round 1 (RS) Ch1, 2dc in loop, ch3, 3dc in loop, ss to beg dc. My first crochet project was a basic granny square blanket. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Foundation ring: Make a slip knot and chain 4. Below you will find nine different crochet squares that are all free and simple to crochet. Hook 4mm (G/6) crochet hook Yarn *I used 100% cotton – which does split now and again when you crochet. As well as the basic pattern, the designer has created photo and video tutorials – always helpful when you’re working a new pattern! [64 sts], The Hook Nook Yummy/Luxe/Tweed (or alternative Chunky yarn) –, Round 2 Ch1 (does not count as a st throughout), (ss, 3htr, ss) in each st around, ss into beg ss, turn. Yarn A Light OrangeYarn B Grey BrownYarn C Light GreenYarn D Fuchsia. Using Yarn C, join in top edge, in third st from right. The no-holes nature of the solid granny square makes it look especially polished with an edging around it. Ch7 (counts as 1tr and 4ch), 2tr into same corner sp, *1tr in each of next 11 tr, (2tr, ch4, 2tr) into corner sp; rep from * twice, 1tr in each of next 11 tr, 1tr in corner sp, ss to top of beg ch-3, fasten off. Granny squares are usually stitched together to create colourful blankets, which have been historically called crochet Afghans (referring to the people of Afghanistan, with the first use of this term being used to describe hand woven blankets, colourful textiles and carpets appearing in the 1800’s). [6 sts], Row 3 Ch3, 2tr in next st, (tr in next st, 2tr in next st) twice, turn. The basic granny square is a classic crochet design for many reasons. Round 1 Ch3 (counts as tr), 3-tr cluster into ring, *ch4, 4-tr cluster into ring; rep from * twice, ch4, ss to top of 3-tr cluster, fasten off. Join with a sl st. Round 1 Ch6 (counts as 1tr, ch3), (1tr into ring, ch3) 7 times, ss to top of beg ch-3, fasten off. Using an H hook and worsted weight yarn, this rectangle granny is 6 inches by 8 inches when complete. If you know to crochet the basics, you will be able to crochet many many beautiful things. In the next ch3sp, work: 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc, 1 ch. It’s easy to transform the look of a granny square by playing with color. Crochetverse - February 4, 2018. [24 sts], Round 3 Ch3, (2tr in next st, tr in next st) 11 times, 2tr in final st, ss to top of beg ch-3. They are quick and easy to make and great for using small scraps of yarn. We’ll be using the chain stitch foundation ring for this tutorial, but feel free to use your favorite! Round 3: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc.) In the next ch1sp, work: 3 dc, 1 ch. The squares stay square and flat, and the corners stay nice and open. We'll send you your first crochet newsletter in the next few weeks. In same sp, work 2 dc, 1 ch. Round 2 Join Yarn B in any corner sp with a ss. 3-tr cluster: (Yrh, insert hook in space/st indicated, yrh and pull up loop, yrh and draw through 2 loops) 3 times, inserting the hook in the same space/st each time, yrh and draw through all loops on hook. Ch5 (counts as 1tr, ch2), (6tr into next ch-2 sp, ch2) 7 times, 5tr into next ch-2 sp, ss to top of beg ch-3, fasten off. Granny Cluster, or shell: A granny cluster is a special stitch that consists of a set of 3 double crochets, all worked into one stitch or space. For Granny Square Day 2020, our fab Ambassadors have designed these free patterns too! Ch3 (counts as tr), (2tr, ch1, 3tr) into same sp, *ch2, (tr, ch2, tr) into next ch-2 sp, ch2, (3tr, ch1, 3tr) into next ch-1 sp; rep from * twice, ch2, (tr, ch2, tr) into next ch-2 sp, ch2, ss to top of beg ch-3, fasten off. If you’re new to blocking, you can find our Blocking Tutorial Video here! Ch1 (does not count as dc), dc in same ch-2 sp, *ch3, dc in centre of 6tr group (in sp between 3rd and 4th tr), ch3, dc in next ch-2 sp, ch3, (2tr, ch3, 2tr) in centre of next 6tr group (in sp between 3rd and 4th tr), ch3, dc in next ch-2 sp; rep from * twice, ch3, dc in centre of 6tr group (in sp between 3rd and 4th tr), ch3, dc in next ch-2 sp, ch3, (2tr, ch3, 2tr) in centre of next 6tr group (in sp between 3rd and 4th tr), ch3, ss to first dc, fasten off. [8 ch-5 sps], Round 6 Ch1, 3dc in each ch-5 sp around, ss to beg dc, do not turn. And amazingly generous for a free pattern. Granny square crochet patterns are seen everywhere including; blankets, afghans, sweaters, cardigans and accessories. I tried to make the crochet granny square tutorial very simple because I know what it’s like to be brand new to crochet and have no idea where to start. Round 3 (WS) *Ch3, skip 3 sts, ss in fl of next ss on same petal, ss in fl of next ss on next petal; rep from * seven times more, ss in base of beg ch-3, turn. Round 1 Ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr into ring, ch3, (3tr into ring, ch3) three times, ss to top of beg ch-3, fasten off.

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