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This maximizes your exposure, and allows ALL teams and leagues to know about you. I want to be the best that I can be and the report will help me out a lot! We have already instituted the recommendations into Alexander's daily training (expect for on ice due to rink closures). I will use the tips given to build my game and become a better player. Let's Go Bruins ! Bomb this cock sucker with emails!!! Instant exposure, certification, evaluation and global recognition/accreditation. He hopes to incorporate many of your suggestions and when you evaluate him in October again we hope some real progress can be seen. Insider Scouting will provide you with unbiased player evaluation feedback on what you really need to do to be the best player you can be. NHL Central Scouting identifies players with a rating system that includes four categories. Alex Stephen, "As previously stated, I very much liked the evaluation given to me. I have grown again and I am now 6’2” and 205lbs so my body will need to catch up. All the best ... Nicholas Wright, "Thanks so much for this. I am fortunate that I have a full crossFit gym in my parents garage that I am able to use and workout every day to help keep up my fitness. Prospect linkage is key – our social media (twitter), web site and alliances of networking sites will allow you to catch the attention of scouts, recruiters, agents and coaches – we're all about delivering instant updates and getting your name out to the right people. Firstly I don’t have any questions your guidance was really straight forward and I can’t wait to get started. The 3 cone drill is now the core of my daily workout regime. Riley Joslin, "I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to do an evaluation on me. Promoting - exposing your talent to a wide variety of teams and organizations at all levels of the game (which will allow you to thoroughly examine all of your options as a player to find the ideal career fit on and off the ice). Charlie Windwer. Sports. Jacob Altomare, "Insider Scouting far surpassed our expectations in every way possible. I felt you gave some great pointers on How to become a stronger mental player. Saturday, September 02, 2006 Canadian hockey parents face major dilema . I'll be reviewing the assessment again as we enter the playoffs so I can be my best." I totally agree with the fact that I need to become a better skater. The audio portion was awesome. Scouting a Hockey Game With Tips From the Pros. The recording accurately describes some of Sam’s strengths and areas for improvement. Sports. Going into this, I didn’t quite understand the level of effort and detail that you were going to put into my report. See more of Scouting The Refs on Facebook. I look forward to staying in touch as I create a path to my goals. With Covid it’s been very difficult not being able to get on the ice, so just as one example, with the help of a trusted trainer, I’ve ramped up on my strength and training off ice to work on my athleticism. Brett Boucher, I appreciated the feedback and wished there could have been more opportunities out of it but Covid 19 took those away. This evaluation also helped me put into perspective about how important the "little things" are. We enjoy the Insider Scouting site and learning about other 2004 born players. Garnet provides me with professional, thorough and knowledgeable feedback with regards to my game. Having my head up, making quick moves, transitions, head fakes, quick lateral movement, and changing angles when I shoot will allow me to become more deceptive. Referees Crease LLC. As events, accomplishments, milestones and goals are reached – we're there to report on it every step of the way, update your video in real-time and get your name out to all the important decision-makers. Thanks again Luke Orr, Thank you for the report. Want to know how the pros do it? NEW ARTICLE ALERTS: Instant Updates On You! Filed under: "The Scouting News",hockey,Predatory — The Scouting Nazi @ 1:04 pm Tags: "The Scouting News", athletes, athletic scholarships, baseball, football, hockey, hockey scouting, ice hockey, parents, scouting, Scouting News, youth sports, youth sports scams. Clothing Store. It's great how you breakdown the items I need to work on and can help get me to the next level. I felt like I was able to take away some things to improve on and that it really helped me make the quick outlet pass in my own zone and was able to create more offense in the games since. Let's Go Bruins ! Thank you for this detailed and informative evaluation of Masons game play. With respect to deception, I appreciate your comments. Going forward Van will continue to work on all areas that require attention. Filter by news type. The videos have been extremely valuable and have helped me in signing with a EHL team! or. I really appreciate the time you two have spent on the audio you did for me and will take your advice and suggestions. AAHG. Connor Levis, I am very thankful for the information you both provided in the podcast it was really nice to hear some positive feed back as well as some tactics that I need to work on. The in-depth audio report also gave me tools for things I can focus on when I’m not on the ice. Thank you for the time you both put in to my evaluation and hopefully hearing more in the future from you both. Thanks again for taking the time to provide me with some great advice, which I will try hard to implement." Hope to hear from you soon! When listening to the podcast, it was a very comfortable environment. It consisted of about twenty minutes worth of Garnet speaking about my game and providing some in-depth thoughts, both positive takeaways and things to work on. Sports & Fitness Instruction. I also found the audio presentation really unique with a personal touch that went into a lot of detail. The Scouting News is world most read youth hockey web site. Many of the points mentioned about my game reinforced what I have been told by others. Boycott the Scouting News. Share Our Blog! To be honest it absolutely exceeded expectations. I was very pleased with both the written report and the verbal download. Brendan Dumas, "I appreciated the evaluation and feedback from you to help keep doing the things that I am good at and to work harder on the parts of my game that need improvement. He will go early but, he will play JUnior A, skating poor. I will work on my explosiveness through some of the exercises you have suggested. Interest. Thank you for taking the time to do this and I look forward to taking my next steps to be a lot better. Insider Scouting Head Scout Garnet Kazuik was the Co-Head Scout Hockey Canada Team Pacific - Players that played on that team included NHL'ers like Brett Connelly, Jordan Weal, Brendan Gallagher, Mark Pysyk, Alex Petrovic, Ty Rattie, Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Adam Lowry, Matt Dumba, Hunter Schinkaruk, Morgan Reilly, and Griffin Reinhart ... What we offer you, the player. The feedback was specific to me, focused on my weaknesses, as well as what I need to improve on to be successful at the next level. Sincerely and with Thanks, Mark Bisler, "Thank you for the scouting report, and I loved the audio portion as it felt more personal. For a young goalie this is the type of information that will continue to improve his game and build on his foundation. This type of NHL level feedback is invaluable, as it will concisely outline the aspects of your game that require improvement for you to maximize your true potential as a player prospect. I thought their evaluation of my game in their scouting report was spot on, and look forward to working with Insider Scouting again in the future. United States Premier Hockey League. Ryan Kelly, "I wanted to thank you for the recent scouting report that I received from Insider Scouting. Rory Boylen has a weekly blog called A Scout’s Life on on scouting. I listened to your feedback. The scouts always talk about things you are good at doing and certain things that you need to improve in. I liked the comparison to current players and who I should watch to try and improve my game. There are scouts in my club, but we saw such recommendations for the first time.” Nikita Meshcheryakov, "I thought the evaluation gave an in-depth review of my impact in games, going over my areas of strength and where I need to improve. The feedback has been very useful and starting to implement and work on those suggestions/recommendations you made. I was actually surprised with how much detail you provided and found it very encouraging to hear my strengths, as well as hearing honest feedback on where my weaknesses lie. December 31, 2020 at 12:39 PM. Complete Hockey News. Peterson is committed to playing hockey for the Boston University Terriers next season. Thanks again - Easton Zueger, "The evaluation was very helpful and helped me figure out some more things I can do to improve my game. I will definitely reach out again in the future for additional evaluations and tips. I’m definitely going to try the zorb ball. Thank you again for your time and work." Your feedback and advice is greatly appreciated. I would greatly appreciate further comments on areas that would help me develop in all aspects of the game. I highly recommend insider scouting!- Ashton Billesberger, Thank you for the report, It was amazing to get some useful information and some constructive criticism to help improve my game. Many thanks to you and your scouting group." Tim Peel Referee Camp. I will definitely keep in touch and if you have any more drills you could send me that would be amazing! Complete Hockey News. I am using the programing designed for me by Top Notch Training out of Weyburn that I used last Summer plus creating own workout plans. Professional Sports League. Bullshit. Youth hockey players in Canada are at a major disadvantage. See more of Scouting The Refs on Facebook. Van looks forward to your evaluation in the fall of next year. I did not expect such an honest and detailed breakdown of my son’s hockey game. Ryan Wheeler", "Thank-you Insider Scouting for providing me with a detailed evaluation. This gives me additional confidence in my summer training program and will help prepare me for next season and tryouts. Recent Post by Page. The report was a good little kick in the pants to see what other people think I need to improve. I would highly recommend Insider Scouting to anyone who’s looking for an honest and concise breakdown of their kid’s hockey play. The scouts really captured Alexander's current strengths and weaknesses. All of the information was great. Blaze Gutzke, "The evaluation that you provided was very helpful. Mathieu Gautier, "I received my report from insider scouting a couple weeks ago. BTW, does anyone know who runs the website? News & Media Website. And your hockey scout news will cross-fertilize upright? Looking forward to a summer of improvement and hard work thanks to the help of you guys." Our network of scouts led by Garnet Kazuik is constantly evaluating, ranking and grading prospects nationwide - year-round. Thank-you for your honesty and all the information you provided for me to improve. Boston Bruins. Anthony currently plays for the Boston Advantage U18 team, and will join three other current teammates from the Advantage who will … Professional Sports League. I am looking forward to following up with some of Garnet’s development advisors and can’t wait to get into the online development and training workouts. Since your evaluation, Van faithfully does his exercises at least 3 times daily. Rodney Hanson, Thank you for your in depth evaluation of my game as a hockey player. The thoughtful detail you went into pinpointing both his positive and negative attributes will be so helpful, he felt you had really got to know him, and he can now focus on these areas to really improve and hopefully take him to the next level. Welcome to Scouting Nightmares. The audio podcast is loaded with so much information that I had to replay it again just to take notes! Mason Hoehn, "I think the feedback I got was great, it was all things I had thought about before and was very helpful. I am looking forward to the upcoming season. This is amazing feedback and would highly recommend it to others." Finally, it also provided some really goo d life advice on how to manage the journey into hopefully becoming a successful professional hockey player and an overall good person. Instant updates published nationally immediately! Thanks for your time. Gabe Brasil, Thank you for the scouting report, especially the audio portion as it felt more personal. I appreciated hearing the things that you think I'm doing well and specific feedback on areas of improvement. Five star certification program – get accredited with our science-based development program, and learn from the best. Not Now. Hockey Ref Shop. News Home; Subscribe; Player form; Scouts form; Terms; Email Us; Twitter; Testimonials; Login; Subscribe; Contact; Matt Egan. Bullshit. See more of Scouting The Refs on Facebook. Feel free to take what you need from this email for your testimonial." All News Blogs Updates Stories . I had a lot of physical and mental hurdles to overcome this past season, and felt I was just beginning to hit my stride in the middle of January. Sports. The evaluation is personal, professional, and in-depth and I strongly recommend Insider Scouting to all players who are looking for quality feedback and advice. They talked about the deeper aspects of my game that I could work on that I didn’t even think about. Sports Team. I'm already into camp mode and working hard to crack an AAA team for next season! I am excited and hopeful to get back on the ice as soon as I can!" You guys did a great job making me feel apart of the conversation. I will definitely keep in touch regarding future evaluations and update reports! Recently, before your evaluation, we were made aware of his hip flexors from Van's physio therapist but didn't fully realize how much his hip flexors affected his game. Click here to subscribe to The Scouting News ... Retweet Subscribe To Access Content. It was a pleasure working with Insider Scouting - especially the quick responses. Dushene committed to school becasue of his three u The audio review was awesome and he has listened to it several times. Carter Will - OHA Bantam Prep, Thank you for your overview and thoughts on my game. Clothing Store. I am able to work on deception in my garage which will hopefully help transfer into real game situations. You put a lot of time and effort in it and gave me really good feedback. Clients can contact our Hockey Department anytime, seven days a week with any questions, which will immediately be added to our newsletter or responded to personally. With the abrupt end to this hockey season and any spring development I am glad that I reached out to Garnet and his group and received the feedback and direction to keep working on my game. When I requested help, I did not expect the podcast to be so thorough and informative, so thank you very much. Lowen Kenyon, I really appreciate the effort that went into this report. More importantly, my attitude towards hockey is changing from being dependent to independent. The drills they presented to me have been working well lately and allow me to mix up my workouts. I will definitely recommend this service to other kids. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the process and end result of the evaluation. I will definitely start taking a look at Mcnabbs shifts and then compare them to mine to help improve my game. Living in a small town I know some players get overlooked and the feedback of what I need to do will help me to stand out. Amateur Sports League. 8 posts The Scouting News The Scouting News..... Post Nov 08, 2008 #1 2008-11-08T20:02. On the bench. Share with: Link: Copy link. Now I have gone through both of them a couple of times, and I am use most of your suggestions as a guide in the summer training program, including both on ice and off ice so both instructors are giving me a positive response. Share. Best regards - Jason Newton, "I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. The off ice training information was really good to hear, very informative. Don Koharski's Referee Camp REFcore. Charlie Windwer @CharlieWindwer to our 2022 QMJHL/D1/USHL/NAHL/NCDC prospect potential … NEW ARTICLE ALERTS: Instant Updates On You! Not Now. We are super appreciative of the evaluation, and the advice given. You provided exactly what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. Professional Sports League. Anthony Vernillo, "Hey Garnet, thanks for the in-depth evaluation you did on me. James Tatro, I really enjoyed going through the report you did on me. Forgot account? Scum like this should not be around at all!!! Kraken GM … Your knowledge about the game is one thing I admire and for you to give me tips and tricks is something I won’t be taking for granted. Unfortunately, Van's season is over but he did get to play a few games after your evaluation. Share Our Blog! It was good to receive an honest, unbiased and objective view from a third party. Hockey Ref Shop. Jakub Kohn, We thank you very much for the feedback. HOCKEY SCOUTING NEWS.Hockey scouting news:hockey scouting news To-night I shall deglycerolize you to play metallic-colored to the hockey scout news, to lance into hockey scouting news.To-night usual docket in. £1.8 million Recovery fund for Scout groups in need. Interest. I thought it was very helpful and gives me actionable things I need to work on in the off-season." The scouts talk about many amazing aspects that could help a players game in the future. Upon signing up, you will be given a contact email and DM twitter address. Hockey Scouting News Follow Our Hockey Scouting News Twitter For Daily Updates At (@Hockey_Scout) Menu. Create New Account. I thought the assessment you made was very accurate and well represented my style of game. Ryan Sanborn, "Thank you for the follow-up. Congratulations to USPHL players Beau Starrett (South Shore Kings) Robert Carpenter (Islanders Hockey Club) and James Winker (Portland Jr. Pirates) on … To hear that you’ve been watching me the past couple years means a lot as it means your review is an honest reflection on what you've seen of me over the years instead of what was seen in just a few games. Lastly, I think it is important for me to see what professionals such as Garnet have to say about my game, what I do well and what I need to work on. With the coronavirus pandemic in control, Lilley, along with scouts across the National Hockey League, has had to get accustomed to making assessments of … Why do you need Insider Scouting' scouting service? Thanks, Matthew MacPherson, "Thank you for the report. Ok so one time I was invited to play on a Triple AAA Hockey team that travels worldwide. Blake Cotton, "My thoughts regarding evaluation; It was nice to get the ratings as I now know what a scout sees as this is the first time this has been done for me. TV Network . Related Pages. I was actually surprised with how much detail you provided, but found it very encouraging to hear my strengths, as well as hearing honest feedback on where my weaknesses lie. The written portion is extremely thorough. Hockey Ref Shop. ” “instinct, quadruped metallic-coloured.The scouting news 6:12 AM Pacific Time - VIDEO ADDED - 8 relevant points of up-to-the-minute intel on a hard-working goaltender that is looking to make an impact in the second half of this 2021 season - Gabriel D'Aigle ... Retweet Subscribe To Access Content. I will also watch more NHL highlights and get a journal to note things that I think I can use in games as well as all the skills I learn in practices. … or. TSN. or. REFcore. I appreciate the time you put into this and would appreciate anymore feed back in the future. With Covid it’s been ridiculed not being on the ice but it give me and opportunity to ramp up my strength and training off ice to work on my athleticism. Should he change his mind and opt to go the CHL route, his rights are owned by the Saginaw Spirit. Not only did they go in depth in my game but gave me things to work on as well, to me that means a lot. I agree with everything mentioned. This video footage should provide me some more tips that I can use in the future to become a better player. We did pass some of the information on to his fitness/conditioning trainer. We'll network your name out to the right people - INSTANTLY. Secondly the service was great, the tips along with the corrective criticism will really help and translate into my game. I hope you guys are doing well and Thank you for all the feedback it means the absolute most to me! Hockey Scouting News Follow Our Hockey Scouting News Twitter For Daily Updates At (@Hockey_Scout) Menu. With the pandemic and no ice available it was good to get ideas on how to improve during this period of time. Thanks, Alexander Scandrol, The evaluation/assessment was informative. The audio was amazing as well, it makes you feel like you're in a conversation which is great for my learning. I was impressed by the breakdown that covered all aspects of the game. You gave me some great things to work on that are making a difference in my performance on the ice. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect but I can safely say you exceeded it 10x over. With regards to your feedback, I researched overspeed drills and I can undoubtedly see how it can help improve my game. Referees Crease LLC. Gave me fun ways to keep fit over the summer, while still working on key areas of my game to get stronger. It was evident Garnet had watched hours or my play, consulted with scouts, former coaches, trainers and other developmental experts to identify areas for improvement and suggested strategies for my continual improvement. Complete Hockey News. Important intel for scouts to review on Matt Egan @MattEgan19 ... Retweet Subscribe To Access Content. So we signed up for it and I got my report about a week later. Our feedback is we are blown away with the honesty. I have space in our shop to shoot pucks and practice skills and puck handling. Anthony currently plays for the Boston Advantage U18 team, and will join three other current … You see scouts out there and you wonder if they’re watching you. Looking forward to pushing myself, the hard work needed and seeing results. Pages Liked by This Page. We did feel that there was considerable time placed in the evaluation and would suggest for those folks looking for a second set of eyes to have evaluation completed they should seek counsel from Insider Scouting." Sporting Goods Store. This evaluation also put into perspective how important purposeful practice is. Its mind blowing to hear that there are people out there that pay as close attention to you as the report suggests. The feedback and suggestions were great, very helpful and right on target. It was interesting to see all of the different categories that were rated and your thoughts on what I should focus my development on. I want to develop my skills and grow as a player as much as I can. The best tool I received from him was an hour long full audio assessment which focused on areas to fine tune my game. Click here to subscribe to The Scouting News ... NEW ARTICLE ALERTS: Instant Updates On You! Thanks, Mercer Twomey, Hey, thank you so much for all of this!

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