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Gaius sat with one leg thrown casually over the armrest, lounging languidly while the figure still cloaked in shadow before him remained kneeling, head bowed in reverence. -Adrian’s wholehearted acceptance of her helps Agnes start to accept herself as she is. I would like a headcanon of Adrian taking Agnes home after they defeat rheya and kind of telling each other there perspectives of the whole ordeal.”, Head Canon: Post-Bloodbound Book 3, Chapter 16, **I actually really likes this as a fic prompt too, so I might explore that in the future.**. See what’s new and upcoming from Choices! One choice can change everything! One choice can change everything! lolAlso called it, it's your Li who turns you.i hope we get to choose our path later in this book, if we want to go full on rage mode or choose passive mode.Also i decided to upload this first, other books upload coming soon.This video was made as a guide including solutions to the alternate paths in the chapter and exploring different premium choices and answers to critical choices in the game.Thanks for Watching #PlayChoices Game:- Choices stories you play by Pixelberry studios. Android play store:-\u0026hl=en iOS app store link:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Website:- THE DEVS BY PLAYING AND RATING THEIR GAME! Posted by. FROM OUR PLAYERS. Tags. But I’ll admit that while I don’t forgive Gaius or anything, I’m hoping he was at least honest with us, but maybe I’m just too naive. I always felt that MC was way too chill about her transformation and I sort of wanted to see her reflect on that. At this moment with what I have planned, the story will cover up through Chapter 9 - following Rheya’s Bacchanalia. -She admits this to him, and he says that the ordeal has changed how he sees her. I think you will find he is my Jaxxie bitch!!!! Biographie. For context, at the end of Chapter 6, the MC (main character) has a vision of Rheya naked and covered in blood. I have struggled with this. Things will start to get intense and dark in the next few chapters so enjoy the happiness while you can. That’s all I have planned now, at least! BLOODBOUND: BOOK 3 - You awaken cold, trapped, alone... and forever changed. ilb mc is one of the few that i saw recovering slowly from a traumatic event and having ptsd. Ester . Visual Novels 27958 > Tags 2572 Releases 70575 Producers 10247 Staff 20916 Characters 91294 > Traits 2772 r/Choices: This is a fan-run community for the mobile game *Choices: Stories You Play* by Pixelberry. Click here for the walkthrough of this book: Bloodbound, Book 2 Choices. Bloodbound, Book 3, Chapter 13 - Unpopular opinion time, but I genuinely do not want to kill Gaius. Bloodbound: Elemente der Schattenwelt. And it appears she’s not done with us yet. by LLReid Fandoms: Bloodbound (Visual Novels) Mature; Graphic Depictions Of Violence; F/F; Complete Work; 30 Dec 2020. Honestly, this chapter is low on action, but high on emotion. Hide your garlic! Bloodbound (3 Book Series) Kindle Edition 9.97 £ 9. 50. -Jax continues to train Agnes, practicing restraint and control. Welcome to my new series “Ruin & Resurrection”This stories picks up in Chapter 1, Book 3 of Bloodbound, following Agnes’s reawakening and will take her through a dark(er) journey. Get ready for the most important job interview of your life... Fall for the vampires of Bloodbound, launching 3/30! She dreams of being consumed by power, hurting those she loves, and losing herself to darkness completely. With romance, drama, horror and more, … Choices: Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 14 (All of them) - Duration: 43:27. spoiler. The countdown continues! Bloodbound Book 3; Summary. 164K likes. I don’t forgive him. Web Of Lies: A Vampire Paranormal Romance (Blood Bound Series Book 3) by J.L. This time around, we're mixing things up at Inside Choices -- here to talk about Bloodbound is the br . -Agnes knows that Adrian understands the fear and loneliness that come with facing a dark truth about oneself, but she still fears that his view of her has changed. -Her friends try to comfort her and spend time with her but she isolates herself fearing that there is something truly monstrous and sinister inside her. There will be more action coming in Chapter 4. No longer able to hide from reality, Agnes prepares to face the world, reborn as a vampire. @choicesficwriterscreations​ Fic of the Week: December 13 -19. Taglist: @bloodboundismylife @lauren-raines-x ​ @khoicesbyk @adriansbiss @shanzay44 ​ @purvishraick ​ @bonaofsavoy @ifshebreathes-shesathot @txemrn​ @a-raines​ @mahima210404 @mercvrii-05, **Characters, plot, & dialogue are property of Pixelberry. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller. I don’t forgive him. -When they arrive at the restaurant, Jax, Kamilah, and Serafine are already seated, their eyes lighting up when they see Agnes walk in the door. i really hate the writing of mcs in choices, they never take anything seriously and never seen to be truly affected about the things that happen to them. In which Adrian Raines proposes marriage. spoiler. FREE delivery by Wednesday, May 27. -He tells her he does not fear her or what she is capable of, just as she never feared him. Sienna is probably my favorite character. like what the f. Author’s note: Hello! They can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. I've been playing for about 2 years now without missing any chapters, thank you guys for creating such amazing worlds and characters! In Chapter 16, if you help Kamilah kill Priya, the achievement is called "Amy the Vampire Slayer", which is a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The dim, dancing light of the flickering candles cast terrifying shadows across Gaius’s face, and through the darkness, she could see a sinister smile on his lips, his fangs glistening in the candle light. It's the moment many of you've been waiting for: We're launching the VIP subscription for all Choices players today! Meet the reigning vampires of Bloodbound, launching 3/30! Maybe I’m just too nice, but the second they were like the look in Gaius’ eyes is different and he’s broken, I would’ve waited to see what he says over immediately going to kill him– especially seeing the amount of rot from Rheya. Bloodbound, Book 3, Chapter 13 - Unpopular opinion time, but I genuinely do not want to kill Gaius. @bloodboundismylife @lauren-raines-x @khoicesbyk @a-raines @shanzay44 @purvishraick @bonaofsavoy @txemrn @adriansbiss @ifshebreathes-shesathot, I hope you enjoy! On a brighter side, the Diagnostics Team seems cool. I don’t think he’s completely innocent from what he did. This game revolves around choices you make. !My Social Media:- Twitter:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Tumblr:- https://www.abhirio.tumblr.comDisclaimer:- The Video is Fair Use according to the Copyright Disclaimer under the section 107 of the Copyright law 1976.Incase of a removal of particular video, please message me via email or any of my social media (linked to the channel and in each video description). but in other books you almost died or lost a friend and a few moments later you are smiling and joking around, having fun smexy times with your li and forgetting all about it??? Chapter 14 shares the same title as Book 3, Chapter 5, "The First". Language: English Words: 2,753 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 4 Hits: 49; and i’m not alone anymore. Authors Note: Fluffy fluff proposal fic. HIMEME 1,306 views. r/Choices: This is a fan-run community for the mobile Pixelberry game *Choices: Stories You Play*. -As her confidence increases, she starts to venture out more. The RevelationAdrian♥️Book 3 Chapter 14Bloodbound Choices (Adrian Romance Only) … Summary: Agnes and Adrian enjoy blissful togetherness in his penthouse while the world burns around them. “. Bloodbound Book 3; Summary. Tune in and kick back with new Choices chapters every week! 43:27. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. I probably won’t be able to post again until after Christmas, so I hope this super long chapter tides you over. Teagan (AME) 11 months ago. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make theright choice for their game, good luck and happy playing! It grabbed and held my attention, I loved learning more about about the newly introduced cultures, I bloody loved Rig's chapters, and I can't wait to see what develops with Wraith and the rebels. But he was a victim too, with his own morality twisted. Completely. Myers (Author) 4.8 out of 5 stars (53) Very sweet and sappy. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make their right choice for … Bloodbound . I have two issues. Word Count: 2770. Good news! I don’t think he’s absolved from guilt in any way, but I do think if he truly feels sorry, he should have a chance to make things right even passed his revenge. -She is tentative and overly cautious with everything she does, now knowing the full strength of her powers. -They are all deeply mourning the senseless loss of Lily, and Agnes blames herself for everything going wrong, punishing herself for the events of that night. This page contains the choices in Bloodbound, Book 3 and their outcomes. -Serafine helps Agnes with her psychic powers. No question, I was particularly eager to get my hands on this third book of The Bloodbound trilogy, especially after that bombshell Erin Lindsey left us with at the end of The Bloodforged. Night has fallen, and the vampires have arrived in New York City. I feel like that could still be possible and that fact can be part of what stops Rheya but who knows). I wanted to add more depth to her adjusting to being a vampire. One choice can change everything! And the MC is a descendant of her daughter and the bloodkeeper line came from being born from a vampire and a human? Will it cover all events of book 3 or the first few chapters? Language: English Words: 2,753 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 2 Hits: 35; Ruin & Resurrection by eleanor_raines Fandoms: Bloodbound (Visual Novels) Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M; Work in Progress; 22 Dec 2020. My theory would be that Rheya … -He doesn’t try to dissuade her of her convictions as her friends do, but allows her to feel the complex layers of emotions that come with reconciling yourself with something you cannot change - in his case, his past; in her case, her powers and lineage. Pairing: Adrian Raines x MC (Agnes Woods). He doesn’t excuse him for what he did, but there are ways to repent without flat out murdering him and it kind of annoyed me we had no choice to hesitate or not immediately go to kill him after clearing that. You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines... but there's more to him than it seems. Adrian suggests they go out to dinner one night. BUT. This takes place a year(ish) after BB Book 3. Feeling ready to face the world, she gets dressed for a night out with Adrian. The room was dark, save for the cluster of candles burning on the steps leading up to Gaius’s granite throne. Most nights, she wakes up in a cold sweat. But he was a victim too, with his own morality twisted. Summary: In which Adrian Raines proposes marriage to Agnes. Games Blog Support About Careers Choices Merch Games Blog Support About Careers Choices Merch. This might be my favorite thing I’ve written so far. Lots of Adrian fluffiness. Bloodbound: Developer: Pixelberry Studios: Publishers : Pixelberry Studios: Relations: Fandisc Bloodbound: Dark Solstice Same setting Nightbound: Description. Thank you for reading . Keep up with The Royal Romance, Bloodbound, Open Heart, and more... New Releases. About the ending scene in Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 6. Bloodbound. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads 3.5 stars The first thing I want to say is that--overall--THE BLOODFORGED by Erin Lindsey was a great book. I don’t think he’s completely innocent from what he did. (As an unrelated note though, they mention that Rheya just cries over a body that was completely burned and essentially she assumes that was her daughter, but what if it wasn’t and her daughter was taken? Having struggled with his own inner demons, he is the one who is able to bring her comfort with his words. whatever you want on the other options below :3 . Discuss your favorite books, characters … Read More. Chocies: Bloodbound Book 3 Chapter 7 Kamilah Route (but not this chapter lmao) (Diamonds used)ITS BACK FROM HIATUS! Only when they stood and turned their face towards the candlelight did Agnes see who it was. Rheya will bring out the darkness that Serafine warned us about in Book 2. This game revolves around choices you make, they can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. Bloodbound launches in less than 24 hours! Word Count: 2770. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Like clearly it doesn’t happen anyway, but I disliked not having a choice to give him a chance. Close. Bloodbound (The Cruentus Curse series Book 3) - Kindle edition by Howard, Amalie. Those plans could definitely change , but that doesn't mean I'd want to kill him when that part of his mind is cleared and he finally has a moment to think, But I'm not even sure that was on purpose so much as muscle memory and instinct, I just want to redeem everyone and have peace, I think Gaius Augustine deserves a second chance, also i may be the only one who hates bb mc for this, you literally DIED and you still never take anything seriously, bloodbound mc could have some serious character development in book 3 but we got that mess instead, this is why ilitw vos and ilb mcs are legends.

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