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Can you guys offer some words of advice and some success stories so I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel? Have you had a non-zero day? I was embarrassed. Bipolar disorder does the dirty work for me and filters out individuals who tiptoe through life. I don't have a real success story. I made it through law school. A lot of what happened over the year, I had no idea how to handle. The bad days don't happen as frequently is the best improvement and now I am able to keep some extra buspirone on hand for when things get too bad. Being in a relationship where one or both partners have bipolar disorder is not easy. The therapy we went through helped us build a stronger relationship and we are now more open and communicative with each other about our feelings. The depressive episodes were the scariest. It hasn't gotten "easy." There are a couple of already popular bipolar subs but having a specific sub just for relationships is important in order to facilitate a community of support. I am depressed and losing hope. It can be as simple as your SO taking their medication every day, or resolving an issue in your relationship. The fact is, we all have issues, whether you live with bipolar disorder or not. I am the worst version of myself. I would say keep stickin' it out and know that there is help out there (on here for example!) Then when they admitted her she refused to sign any of the release forms since she was not mentally capable of doing so. Two days ago I started taking symbyax which is a combination of zyprexa and an SSRI. I am part of a team of researchers at New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University who are currently recruiting participants for a research study looking at an investigational treatment for self-injury called transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS. Treatment may help control symptoms. ... Sabrina's Most Recent Stories. "All that said, I have a pretty good life.". There are still days where I think I rule the world and the next day I'm not be able to get out of bed. But you've got to keep going. I know it looks bad now, but you can get through this. Thanks for listening. I am mostly glad I decided to live, and vastly grateful that I managed to pay into Social Security every year from the age of 15 to the age of 53. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Try to find it and take baby steps toward it every day. Ended up in detox. We are a community here not just a help page. Today’s guest post is … Please email the Foundation at with your story. Bipolar Disorders. Things have gotten a lot better. Good luck! I started out as the party girl, and spiraled into a puddle on the floor. Sex is not one of them. I have bipolar I, BPD, Anxiety and depression issues, and PTSD. It is approved for the treatment of bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression). even if things seem uncomfortable, they're only for a time. I'm the nurse. I practice law because solving problems for others is really the only thing I've ever found even moderately effective at motivating me. All that said, I have a pretty good life. I'd been warned by so many people that taking pills would turn me into a "zombie." Good, call that a success. Screw, spend, sleep: My battle with bipolar disorder When the mania kicks in, I'm ready to conquer the world -- on no sleep. I have been on lithium, depakote, and zyprexa with no luck. The Out of Darkness project is an innovative form of the illness narrative, medical stories that reveal how people travel through and confront suffering in the hope that their experiences can be of value to others. It definitely made me feel not alone. Bipolar 2 may be up to 3-4 times more common than Bipolar 1, and for reasons that are still being studied, the disorder seems to be becoming more prevalent. But I'm doing great right now. I was the most irritable, lethargic, depressed/happy, anxious person ever when I was in the hospital. But I've achieved more than anyone expected of me. Have a great job, an apartment, just got a new job, opened my own small business... None of these things could have happened if I'd acted on suicidal thoughts. The trick is navigating through the risks that sex can present in bipolar … Quarantine triggered a lot of manic episodes and ended with him losing multiple jobs, leaving me as the sole provider for a while. There are still days where I think I rule the world and the next day I'm not be able to get out of bed. I was 23. No one told me what my diagnosis was or helped me, other than giving me risperdal & klonopin, which are pretty much the two drugs approved to treat BP in teenagers. At the height of her mania she spent 150k on clothes and hotels and was made bankrupt. By talking openly, our bloggers hope to increase understanding around mental health, break stereotypes and take the taboo out of something that – like physical health – affects us all. The first week of taking it I felt 100x better. I have very rapid cycling and mixed episodes. It's not going to be easy. But the hard work can totally be worth it. Everything was new. There's a lot to read but the information is ten years old [at best]. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It took a while to adjust to the medication, but since then I haven't had an episode and things seem pretty alright. This could indicate that mental health professionals are now more adept now at diagnosing the disorder, but more research is … I was so confused and couldn't tell the side effects apart from the drugs because I didn't know why I was taking them or what they are. When I was 16 I didn't even think I'd be alive in my twenties. Personal stories focusing on various aspects of living with Bipolar Disorder - manic depression. I've now managed to get through well over 30 years without killing myself, so I consider that to be a strong success. A lot of people only know bipolar disorder as it's shown on TV or in movies. Would anyone here know what steps I could take now besides wait for my wife to become lucid enough to call me herself. Be a part of something that cares about who you are. San Francisco, California, ... Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa About Blog Our Lived Experience is a community where South Africans affected by bipolar disorder share their stories, please contact us if you'd like to take part. Even with a bad hypomanic episode my first week on the job, knowing when to ask for help, finding that right medication combination and having the proper coping strategies and habits in place...It can be done. Those are the facts, and this is my story. I had one final exam left before spring break. My psychiatrist figured out I was bipolar and took me off the depression medications. For those with a dual diagnosis of bipolar plus substance use, entertainment journalist Conor Bezane has been there, done that—and he compiles inspiring peer stories to share. “It can take 10 … My bad anxiety and depression went away. Since then, I've been sober and taking my medicine. The mania was unreal and almost made me questioned my own sanity. Life is great and I'm the happiest I have ever been. You know the trope: One minute characters are catatonically depressed, and the next they're so manic they think they can fly off a building. Hope you're all feeling well. Now she's on meds, she is still coming to terms with what happened when she was manic. Your perspective and your experience are priceless. Bipolar mania is a period of mood elevation that’s generally characterized by high energy and activity levels—although it’s much more complicated than that. There always will be. Press J to jump to the feed. Take joy in the accomplishments that you do have. They didn't work they just made me have terrible mixed episodes that landed me in the hospital. I have been living in the same place for the longest time since I left my childhood home. Now, because of that I am unable to find out any more information about my wife's condition or whereabouts, and after talking to the case manager at the hospital she was originally taken to they told me that due to HIPPA laws the thing they can say is that she was taken to a hospital in "x" and that it is the only one in that county. This resulted in her being admitted as involuntary. I was on schedule to graduate after spring quarter. It was tough and took me a lot longer than it took everyone else, I struggled a lot but I work as a Peer Specialist for a crisis mental health team. I don’t even know if everything I typed even makes sense, but it feels good to let it out. He prescribed me depakote which took away the mania but I was still depressed and empty. I also have a blog, in which I share my stories about living with bipolar disorder. About 5 1/2 years ago, I drank so much in one night that I damn near killed myself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hello everyone. There have absolutely been bumps in the road. Bipolar disorder usually includes manic and depressive episodes, but there can also be … It just takes time and giving the medications a chance. I then self-medicated the mania with alcohol. I honestly can say that up until the end of college I had no discernible signs of a mental illness. They can't hold down a steady job, and their relationships with friends and family are destructive at best. Liz's story: Living with bipolar I didn't have any history of mental ill health until 2002, when I had depression and was prescribed Prozac. To explain my situation yesterday I had to have my wife hospitalized due to an episode of mania psychosis. Because one would think that your legal spouse should be able to have full access to at least her location. Let's see some positivity to end the week and start the new one off on the right foot! r/bipolar: A safe haven for bipolar related issues. Don't lose hope you can and will find the right medication to bring you back to life. As a young boy, John did not show signs of mental illness; he was happy and social. I also read a biography on Marilyn Monroe that showed her struggle with bipolar and it was extremely interesting. Essentially, they're portrayed as co… Good luck! I've been mostly on Lamictal since then, and I still have depression and mania, but they're manageable enough most of the time. People with bipolar I can experience a … If you'd like to know where my treatment was PM me. Because of this, it’s important to hear about a variety of experiences. A non-zero day might just mean that you woke up and showered, maybe cleaned something. My shit started to get bad when I was 16, I had a mixed episode where I felt suicidal very often. Towards the end of the year things started to get better. For me it means getting some billable work done and making some money. I used to be a fucking mess. 2020 was one heck of a year. The thing about bipolar disorder, there is help out there, but it is extremely costly. I never thought I’d ever had to cut his debit card so he wouldn’t spend recklessly. Stay strong, but ask for help if you need it. I was able to graduate college and hold down a job. I love that you still find the bright side and that you can still be thankful for successes even though you wouldn't think anything of them if you didn't have to deal with all this in the first place. So far these past few months have been stable. I lost my apartment when I quit my job because I want to go to Elvis's house, and drove from New England to Tennessee. They're hypersexual and prone to fits of rage. I just feel even more helpless than before and really regretting not sitting down with my wife and getting medical power of attorney designations filed. Share your successes from this past week! I hope this part helps. Would you agree that finding the right medication is my highest priority right now? From almost getting divorced during our first few months of marriage to him going through med changes and almost being admitted. Not just alive, but also very happy. I'm supposed to dispense the medication not take it myself. Reddit - Bipolar Disorder. Depression cycles always feature the worst parts of my personality. This disorder sucks a lot of the time, but it does have a lot to teach us about managing ourselves if we are willing to learn. And yet, for all of my professional achievements, I am … A mom with bipolar disorder is standing up for her health, and not at the cost of her baby's. I got my meds right and was able to get into my dream career succesfully, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BipolarReddit community. Maybe there's something like that for you. Allow yourself to be proud of the small things. Bipolar Disorder Stories . So much better. I wouldn't have this position without the experience and lessons afforded to me by this diagnosis (or the diagnosis itself). At the age of 36, after decades of struggle with erratic mood swings—periods of mania followed by debilitating depression—and ample doses of anxiety and frustration, Julie Kraft, a mother of three, was finally diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2010. This sub is a place that people can come for advice or just to vent so that we do not affect our significant others with our emotions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I gotta say I cried most of the year and thought a lot about leaving my marriage behind. I see my story as more of a survival story. It's all about finding that one right medication that makes all the difference. Every day. And hey, here I am now! I am usually a very understanding and supportive person but these past experiences really brought me to a breaking point. So he took me off that and put me on latuda. My Story with Bipolar Disorder . This group always gave great advice and helped me so much last year with what I wAs going through. It was harder than it was for most people at my intellectual aptitude level, but I made it, and passed the bar. Depression cycles can last for years—my longest lasting from 2006 to 2010. You can get through it, just take it one little step at a time. It all was jump-started during finals week of my second to last quarter of college. John’s sleep pattern became worse as he got older, and began averaging four hours of … Right now I feel pretty much normal and I feel great. His parents encouraged him, but seeking professional help was not an option. And it can take clinicians a long time to diagnose bipolar disorder properly. I still have bad days but things are getting better. It did take some time for me to understand that taking that extra pill when I needed it wasn't a failure on my part and it isn't going to lead to addiction as long as I continue to only take it when I need it. And if someone won’t give you a chance because of a label, consider yourself lucky. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ever since I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 10 years ago in high school it has been a struggle. Your Stories The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation invites those affected by Bipolar Disorder and their families to share their stories. (Author’s note and disclaimer: The following piece details my story of overcoming a serious and potentially-fatal mental illness, bipolar II, … Psychosis can occur in both bipolar I and bipolar II. A Reddit to share information about who you are, how you think, and what helps you cope in life. I've been medicated for two years now and I'm very pleased to say that I'm going to graduate college with an associates in arts at the end of this term. No Invalidation of Users' Experiences or Feelings, No Self-Diagnosing or Armchair Diagnosing, Press J to jump to the feed. So now I'm in my chosen profession, but it's still a daily struggle. All that said, I have a pretty good life. If you need someone to talk too don't be afraid to pm me. I know it feels hopeless right now but that is because you're depressed you're gonna feel that way. But once you find a good medication the hopelessness will disappear and you will finally feel alive again. I managed to hobble through school and university by making good use of my support network and coping strategies. My husband and I made it through it all and he's never broke his commitment to me "for better or worse" We've been married 7 years and together for 14 years. As the years progressed though, the challenges of school and due dates got the better of John, and he began to develop anxiety and had difficulty sleeping. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to keep him out of the hospital. I’ve also learned more about bipolar disorder this past year, than what I thought I knew during the time we dated. The Producers of CBD oil bipolar reddit has a good Reputation and distributes already a long timespan the Products is the unanimous result - it's consequently sufficient Knwo-how there. She was finally hospitalized after a decade of undiagnosed BP, and has been on heavy medication for a year now. I have been an RN for 10 years and am currently working towards my master's degree - FNP. Bipolar stories are invariably gut-wrenching litanies of loss and regret. The thing about bipolar disorder, there is help out there, but it is extremely costly. Then comes the crash, and I can barely move I have bipolar I, BPD, Anxiety and depression issues, and PTSD. I'm having suicidal thoughts and I feel like my life is out of control. A lot of experiences in life are highly over-rated. I had a manic episode two years ago that I am still recovering from, but for the most part I am "stable" and we're decreasing my antipsychotic. Any other time I have seen it portrayed in the media, for example in the show Homeland or Shameless, it really sparks my interest and makes me want find more examples of it in shows, books, documentaries etc. If you would like to send in your story and have it posted here, send it in here with "BP Story" in the subject. Thank you to the moderators of r/BipolarSOs for allowing me to post here!. The reason they feel that way is because there depression hasn't completely disappeared. I did well on Lithium for a while but one day it just stopped working. Bipolar disorder is a real disease that can have a huge impact on friends and loved ones. Bipolar Stories: Real-Life Experiences I'm settled into the first stability I have ever had as an adult. Today I approach dating with one purpose— to have fun. My life was chaos for a long time. I don't feel numb or like a zombie like people say they do. I still felt moderately/mildly depressed so he put me on lamictal too. I first saw a psychiatrist in 2008, when I was a freshman in college. He recovered and has been doing well with his new med combo. I read many stories bout bipolar, i assumed that if my wife is within my radar extramarital wont happen. I hope that what we went through and learned last year brings us more peace into our lives this year. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. All stories are unedited. It breaks my heart. After a particularly crazy manic episode last year (in which I flew to Canada and went nuts) I was hospitalized and diagnosed. I haven't found the perfect medication. Before I was properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was diagnosed with depression and loaded up with antidepressants. In that span, I tried to take my life three different times—2007, 2008, and 2010. I wrote this earlier this month: If you're lucky your insurance kicks in to help offset the cost. Patient Stories Malia’s Story. tDCS is a non-invasive, well … Hello, I’m Mailia, a wife, a mother of four and a nurse. I felt better but I was still depressed and having some mood swings. But good treatment comes at a very high price. Ask for help, and accept the help that is offered when you ask. “I was fiery and ferocious, capable of lighting up a room or just as easily burning it down.” —Julie Kraft. Bipolar disorder: blogs and personal stories The following blog posts are written by people with personal experience of bipolar disorder . My bipolar depression cycles are the worst parts of me. I love this. I went to my psychiatrist last year for depression I tried prozac, Wellbutrin, ect for depression. Your story sounds exactly like my sister. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Vk This feels like a nightmare scenario for me as her husband not being able to find out anything at all. I'm a 17 year old female and am amongst the still short-term strugglers of bipolar disorder. It's important to stay on top of your medical history. I'm currently going through a rough patch. Everyone’s experience with bipolar disorder is a little different. It took me years to admit something was wrong. My parents never told me that I was diagnosed and, more importantly, didn't tell my psychiatrist about what happened so I was "re-diagnosed" as MDD and given a bunch of antidepressants that eventually caused the mania. EDIT: Just to clarify I didn't get good treatment between 16 and the episode 2 years ago. I don't think it's out there for me. In detox, a nurse noticed some symptoms, called in a doctor, got me a new diagnosis - Bipolar 1. By Polar Warriors | 2020-07-09T19:13:18+00:00 July 9th, 2020 | Bipolar Disorder Vlog, Bipolar Relationship Help | 0 Comments Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

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